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The work presented in this article on the appearances ranks of the ten digits of the decimal system in decimal of Pi, the Golden Number and other significant constants are totally unprecedented.


Investigations by the author on decimals of many fundamental constants are an entirely new field of research in the mathematics world. The most intriguing phenomena introduced in this article, by their quantity and structure, can not seriously be attributed to chance alone.


Although the author does not explain the mechanisms and still have not found specific theorems, the reality of these phenomena must be the greatest attention of scientists. The author is indeed convinced that what he reveals in this article can be a source of discoveries far more significant.


The author, a self-taught enthusiast, is not a professional in this field, he encounters very difficulties to formally publish this work.


Therefore the author presents this article on the Net so that those singular observations on the fundamental mathematical constants are well known by all. 

If you think that this article should be published more "official" and if you can influence in this direction, please help the author in this task.

The author also invites anyone researcher to undertake parallel research to this new field of mathematics.

Since the publication of this article, the author continues his researches on these intriguing arithmetic phenomena about the first occurrences of the ten digits of the decimal system in other significant numbers and constants. These new investigations are presented here:

new discoveries

It is in an unstructured form. These new investigations will be gradually integrated into a future version of the article. The author invites anyone to participate in these new researches. If you think you've discovered some interesting thing in link to this, you can introduce your own discoveries to the author. They will then be presented (with your references) on this site.


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